Saturday 22 July, 2006

Back in July 2006, Sarah Anne Hargreaves and Damian Patrick Robinson legally (and finally) got married. This is a brief record of just some of the comings and goings to the big day(s). Thanks to everyone who made the days so special.

Thank You

Thanks!Thanks, again!

Guest Book: Pete & Pam

Firstly, Sarah, what can we say? You looked absolutely beautiful and shone from the inside, as well as the star you looked.

Now to you, Damian, welcome to the mad world of the Hargreaves clan. We love you as a son and hope that there will be many happy family events in the future!

And to you, both, it was a fabulous wedding. But where was OK! and Hello! magazine? Their circulation figures would have gone through the roof!

We both wish you every happiness in the future. If you last as long as us, you won't be doing half bad!

Sorry to land ourselves on you so often and for so long. But, hey, we do love you so much and Singapore has become our favourite port of call.

As ever, all our love, Mum & Dad

Guest Book: Tania

Thank you so much for inviting us to your wonderful wedding and giving us such a fantastic time.

Sarah, you lookeed absolutely stunning on both days and, D, you looked the perfect bridegroom - at least, until the booze kicked in! A couple made for each other.

As much as we have missed you at home, we can now see why you are living in Singapore.

We will be seeing you again, very soon!

Love you both loads, Tania

Guest Book: Nat

Yeah, yeah, yeah, alright. So cool that you've got hitched. Love you both - but, obviously, Sarah more, stroke Hargreaves. But not literally!

Anyway, chick, you're a kinda soulmate. And it's soooo coooooooool seeing you and hanging out with you again. I'm not pished you know!

Wishing you both everything you wish for each other.

Peace & love, Nat

ps Thanks for organising such an excellent wedding: beautiful settings, top grub, most convivial company. Or should I say wedddings - plural!

It was great to see you both, and your friends and mad family.

Sarah: You looked beautiful in both of your dresses!! And Damo: Dug the heartfelt blubbing!

Sincerely, it was the best setting ever for a ceremony of lurve.

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

Love, Nat

Guest Book: Fiona & Gary

We think that you're both ace! Singapore would not be half as much fun without you two.

We value your friendship and look forward to creating heaps more memorable moments in the future.

All our love and best wishes for a long and very happy marriage together, Fi & the great man, Gary

Guest Book: Tania & Mark

We ain't got much to say apart from, hey, you know that we both love you. And, even though we are rubbish at keeping in touch, this does not mean that we miss you any less.

Thanks for having us.

And, from now on, it is no longer 'we must go and see Damian and Sarah'; but rather 'let's go and see Damian and Sarah'. You know what we mean!

Love, Mark & Tania